Western Canadian Wheat Growers Call for True Free Market Action

CALGARY, AB: The Western Canadian Wheat Growers calls upon the federal government to take immediate and forceful action on two free market issues impacting all Canadians.

The recent exposure of the bread cartel taking advantage of all Canadian consumers and exploiting the financially disadvantaged is shocking. Wheat growers work hard bringing some of the best wheat to market and some unscrupulous manufacturers have been taking advantage of a food staple and gouging those that can least afford it.

“The true cost of price fixing may not yet be known, but collusion amongst the major players may have cost Canadian Consumers billions.  Consumers paid too much and only because of price fixing, not because manufacturing costs rose,” stated Levi Wood, President.

The second issue concerns a group of Canadian pasta manufacturers who have initiated charges of dumping by Turkish pasta manufacturers. Similar charges were brought forward in 2015 and proven to be false. Canadian wheat is amongst the best in the world and in demand for a variety of products, including pasta. Forcing a pasta tax on Turkish imports will not address the underlying causes of inefficient production and will in turn hurt our Canadian wheat exports.

“The federal government needs to move beyond protectionism and work to ensure that free markets are strengthened. If the federal government truly wants to help the middle class, it will ensure that cartels and import taxes are not added to their food bill,” closed Jim Wickett, Chair.

About the Wheat Growers:

Founded in 1970, the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association is a voluntary farmer-run advocacy organization dedicated to developing public policy solutions that strengthen the profitability and sustainability of farming, and the agricultural industry as a whole. For more information, please visit wheatgrowers.ca.

For More Information Contact:

Levi Wood, President


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