The Shovel of Gratitude

The Shovel of Gratitude was first presented to the Wheat Growers by the Western Barley Growers Association at their 2005 joint convention, at which time the shovel was auctioned off. The highest bidder, at $2,000, was the late Art Walde of Kindersley, Saskatchewan. Art had served as a director of the Wheat Growers and later the Barley Growers. Art subsequently donated the shovel back to the Wheat Growers and ever since the association has been presenting the Shovel annually to someone in the industry who has made an outstanding contribution to the Wheat Growers, or to the cause and objectives of the Wheat Growers.


2006   Art Enns
2007   Bill Cooper
2008   Rolf Penner
2009   Jim Chatenay
2010   Wally Nelson
2011   John De Pape
2012   Hon. Gerry Ritz
2013   Blair Rutter
2014   Lome Hepworth
2015   Hon. Charlie Mayer
2016   Richard Phillips
2017   Morns Sebulsky (deceased)
2018   Alanna Koch
2019   Ted Menzies
2022  Trish Jordan

2022 Shovel of Gratitude Recipient Trish Jordan, Presented by President Gunter Jochum and Jim Smolik
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