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We are a farm advocacy organization dedicated to developing ag policy solutions that strengthen the profitability and sustainability of farming and the agricultural industry.

As a not-for-profit association, each member of your Board of Directors is a committed and passionate wheat farmer, giving their time and energy to advocate on behalf of you and your business.

Today, the Wheat Growers’ position on policies are:

  • We believe a federal carbon tax will hurt farmers and that the coalition opposing the federal carbon tax is the right and necessary step.
  • We want investments in Canada so the latest ag seed technology can help farmers compete in an increasingly competitive global market.
  • We support a full review of the Grain Act and Grain Commission, from how it’s structured, to the services it offers, and how they’re provided. We are adamant that the current surplus be returned to farmers via reduced fees, and the surplus should not be used for anything else until a full review is complete.
  • We are pleased that Bill C-49 received Royal Assent and brought changes and introduced processes of how all wheat growers could hold the railways accountable for the movement of their grain.
  • We are supportive of USMCA and the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

Shaping the Direction of Ag Policy, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Advocating Through Thick and Thin for the Last 50 Years.

We Are Farmers. We Know Agriculture.

We Know What Works Best for Farmers Because We Are Farmers.

We Provide an Optimistic and Educated Perspective.

What's New

Premier Scott Moe thanks the Wheat Growers’ members for their advocacy, policy efforts and for being the “voice of reason and common sense”.

Our Sponsors

Thank you to our generous sponsors who provide support in many ways so we can continue to advocate on your behalf!

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Let’s Get the Carbon Tax Axed!

The federal government doesn’t seem to understand that the carbon tax impacts farmers’ bottom lines. The carbon tax is added to almost everything we buy, but unlike many consumer goods, we cannot pass it on to the end consumer. We sell our grain on the world market.

Please sign our “NoFarmCarbonTax” petition.

We’ll send your petition response to the Minister of Agriculture and Food as well as the Minister of Environment and Climate Change. Let’s flood their inboxes with your concerns.