Congratulations to Manitoba Minister of Agriculture Appointment

CALGARY, AB: The Western Canadian Wheat Growers offer their congratulations to the Honourable Derek Johnson upon his appointment as the Manitoba Minister of Agriculture. “The Western Canadian Wheat Growers look forward to a continued strong relationship with the Manitoba Minister of Agriculture, Derek Johnson. The Wheat Growers have played a strong role in building agriculture […]

Grain Framers Christmas Wish

CALGARY, AB: With Christmas only days away, grain farmers all across the prairies have one Christmas wish in common – that grain farmers be recognized as being carbon net-negative. Grain farmers pay tens of thousands of dollars in carbon tax directly and indirectly and the proposed federal tax credit would return less than 25% of […]

Congratulations to the New Directors on Sask Wheat Commission

CALGARY, AB: The Western Canadian Wheat Growers would like to congratulate the four newly elected Directors of the Sask Wheat Development Commission. The new Directors: Robert Stone, Scott Hepworth, Jake Leguee and Brett Halstead will play key roles as the Commission continues to provide “supporting research, market development and advocacy to maximize profitable and sustainable […]

Analysis of Proposed Fertilizer Emissions Reduction Will Devastate Canadian Farmers

CALGARY, AB: The Western Canadian Wheat Growers are shocked by the depth of the impact of the federal government’s proposed 30% reduction in fertilizer emissions. Fertilizer Canada has had an independent analysis of the effects of the proposed emissions reduction. The analysis by Meyers Norris Penny (MNP) calculates that “If Canada adopt(s) the EU model, […]

Western Canadian Wheat Growers Review Federal Political Parties Ag Policy

CALGARY, AB: With the call of the federal election, the Western Canadian Wheat Growers asked each of the registered parties six questions that we thought would be of interest to our members and specifically prairie grain farmers. On August 20, 2021, the following questions were sent to each party. As of September 14, 2021, we […]

Western Canadian Wheat Growers Launch Fertilizer Awareness Campaign

CALGARY, AB: The Western Canadian Wheat Growers have launched an awareness campaign focused on the federal government’s proposed 30% reduction in fertilizer emissions. “The Federal Government has stated that they want to reduce fertilizer emissions by 30%, but have no plan or details how to accomplish this. They have not consulted with farmers or industry […]

Delay of C-208 is a Slap in the Face to Family Farms

CALGARY, AB: The Western Canadian Wheat Growers were dismayed to learn that the federal Liberal Government and Ministry of Finance have refused to immediately implement C-208. The Bill was given Royal Assent on June 29, 2021, and yet the government has announced it will not be implemented until at least 2022. The Bill removes an […]

Removing Supply Management from Trade Agreements Ties our Negotiating Hands

CALGARY, AB: The Western Canadian Wheat Growers strongly condemns Bill C-216 which seeks to remove supply management terms from the negotiation of future trade agreements. “The vast majority of Canada’s agriculture sector is exported to feed the world. This bill will tie our negotiating hands and will result in further trade disputes with countries around […]

Wheat Growers Submission on Novel Foods Regulations

CALGARY, AB: The Western Canadian Wheat Growers have made a submission to Health Canada’s proposed new guidance for the Novel Foods Regulation, focused on plant breeding. The Health Canada consultation addresses issues such as gene-editing and the need to better understand the technology needed to address production and environmental challenges for both today, and tomorrow. […]

Wheat Growers Supports the CN/Kansas City Southern Rail Merger

CALGARY, AB: The Western Canadian Wheat Growers are pleased to support the proposed merger of the Canadian National and Kansas City Southern Class 1 rail lines. The seamless movement of raw and finished goods throughout North America will benefit the Canadian, US and Mexican economies. Canadian companies that import or export materials or finished goods […]

Western Canadian Wheat Growers Submit Recommendations for Grain Act Modernization

CALGARY, AB: The Western Canadian Wheat Growers have made their submission to the Government of Canada regarding the recommended changes to the Canada Grain Act. The Canada Grain Act was last updated in 1985 and is significantly outdated. The submission may be found here. “The Wheat Growers have long seen the need to update the […]

2021 Federal Budget Not Based on Reality for Grain Farmers

CALGARY, AB: In analyzing the 2021 Federal budget, the Western Canadian Wheat Growers see little that will benefit grain farmers. Agriculture has been a strong contributor to Canada’s economy during COVID-19 and should be supported accordingly. Grain farmers have been early adopters of the latest technology that maximizes production and minimizes costs, but the 2021 […]

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