“Totally unfair” – Wheat farmers blast Trudeau government over carbon tax

“Absolutely we are unfairly targeted because we as a primary producer have no way of dealing with the carbon tax,”  said Gunter Jochum. “It is a pure cost to us, and there isn’t really a way for us to become more efficient.” 

Trudeau government targets grain growers as worst emissions offenders

“I would like to know where they got their facts from,” said Gunter Jochum. “I believe those facts were entirely made up because in Canada we don’t even have a baseline as to what the true emissions are.” 

What rising fertilizer costs may mean for Canadian farmers

Wheat Growers Alberta VP Stephen Vandervalk talks about concerns which are cropping up for Canadian farmers, as pressure grows on them to yield more output amid soaring costs.

April 4, 2022 Standing Committee on International Trade

Ukranian WG Director Clayton Kotylak speaks to the Standing Committee on International Trade regarding the Modernization of the Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement. FFWD to 16:00.

Rising input costs amid supply shortages stressful for Sask. farmers

“We’re seeing fertilizer prices increase by a multitude of 200 per cent or even 300 per cent, depending on when you’ve purchased,” said Kenton Possberg, a farmer north of Humboldt, which is east of Saskatoon.

‘The timing couldn’t be worse’: Farming community reacts to carbon tax increase

“With crop inputs doubling in price and then with a huge exporting nation of food like Ukraine being invaded currently, there is a legit chance that we could have a global food shortage,” Fransoo said. “The carbon tax just takes away our ability to grow more and feed more people.”

Ukraine Sowing Season Stalled

Wheat Growers’ Director Kaitlyn Kitzan on CTV talking about the Russia War and its impact on wheat and foodshortages.

CP Rail arbitration with Teamsters union a ‘sigh of relief’ for Sask. farm, mining groups

Daryl Fransoo, who farms near Glaslyn, Sask., said he’s relieved the dispute has ended between rail workers and the company, given the economy has been battered by the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine involves two countries that supply 30 per cent of the world’s wheat.

Agriculture Industry continues to warn about high cost for CP Rail work stoppage

Meantime, the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Chair Daryl Fransoo says they hold the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference accountable for the work stoppage. “At a time when the Canadian economy has been reeling from supply chain problems, COVID-19, the highest inflation in over a decade, and now the invasion of Ukraine, this lockout falls on the […]

Back-to-work legislation demanded as CP trains stop

“Many farmers across the Prairies are expecting the shipment of seed, fertilizer and other inputs in the coming weeks in order to start seeding” said Daryl Fransoo, a Saskatchewan farmer and chair of the Western Canadian Wheat Growers.

CP Rail work stoppage begins after labour dispute, threatening supply chains

CP Rail trains have ground to a halt across the country after thousands of workers began a long-anticipated work stoppage early Sunday morning.

Canadian Pacific and union still far apart on agreement, says Teamsters Canada

The last major railway labor disruption was an eight-day Canadian National Railway Co strike in 2019. But in the past 12 years, there have been 12 stoppages due to poor weather, blockades or labor issues, according to the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association.

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