Views differ on crop exports to China other than canola

“Aside from issues with canola seed, at the moment shipments of other grains, oilseeds and pulses continue to be accepted by China.” However, Jim Wickett, a farmer at Rosetown, Sask. and board member with the Western Canadian Wheat Growers, stated otherwise.

One Stop Shop For Ag Election Issues

A farm group is comparing party policies heading into next week's Provincial election. Western Canadian Wheat Growers Executive Director, Dave Quist, says they asked all parties about their thoughts on trade, carbon pricing, innovations and grain transportation and posted the answers on their website.

Prairie farming: ‘a lifetime apprenticeship’ (featuring Chair Jim Wickett)

Grain farmer Jim Wickett from Rosetown, Sask., will plant about 3,100 acres this year, including spring wheat, red lentils, flax and barley. Durum was grown regularly until a few years ago, when fusarium pressure prompted Wickett to switch to red spring wheat.

Watch VP Alberta Stephen Vandervalk speak at the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food regarding canola

No-surprise budget pleases Sask. farm groups

Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association director Daryl Fransoo said the government helps farmers with more than money. “As the Western Canadian Wheat Growers, we don’t need more funding. We need a government that will fight for us like they are doing on the canola aspect, like they are doing with the carbon tax,” he said.

Wheat Growers call on Ottawa to open talks with China over grain shipments

Jim Wickett says the dispute is clearly political, not a quality issue.

Sask. farmers concerned about early melt, lack of soil moisture

Some areas got less than half the normal precipitation this winter.

“Huge uncertainty” for Canadian farmers: China stops buying canola [and wheat] just weeks before planting begins

There is a significant concern in all of agriculture because China is a big market but also because the list of trade issues we’re facing is getting long.

A first hand look at trade with Peru

To be part of the program participants had to find industry sponsors which they then had a mandate to promote in Peru. Kitzan’s primary supporter came from the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association and Sask Wheat.

Don’t Forget Trade, Please

"As Washington whispers about collusion and Ottawa sinks into a scandal that will dominate the media for months pre-election, the economies of the United States and Canada continue to hum along. But I’m concerned they will face disruption if we fail to confront the turmoil that’s brewing in our trading partnership," begins Cherilyn's op-ed piece.

Proposed Seed Variety Use Agreement: Implementing Royalties for Farm-saved Seed

“Farmers aren’t against paying for a variety of research,” says Wheat Growers' Chair Jim Wickett. “As long as we get a product that is better than what we currently have.”

Grain farmers worried about oil by rail creating backlog

Western grain farmers are concerned about the Notley government leasing 4,400 rail cars to deliver Alberta’s oil.