Roundtable Revises Grain Code of Practice

Gunter Jochum, a Manitoba grain farmer who also serves as president of the Western Canadian Wheat Growers, said he has serious reservations about the need for a voluntary code. He said there is no guarantee that a voluntary code will provide any benefits to Canadian growers, particularly in terms of trade and market access.

Wheat Growers Makes Submission On Novel Foods Regulations

In a news release, the Wheat Growers say the group is supportive of the recommended changes and believe that efforts in this area will help to address some of Canada’s pressing domestic food, health, and environmental challenges. Norm Dreger is in charge of stakeholder relations with the Wheat Growers.

Wheat Growers support enhanced plant breeding

The Western Canadian Wheat Growers submission on Novel Food regulations focuses on plant breeding. Health Canada is holding consultations on gene-editing and the need to better understand the technology needed for production and environmental challenges in the future. A 2017 report identified Canada’s agri-food sector as having great potential to expand economic growth in Canada. […]

Wheat Growers raise concern about Ottawa’s fertilizer proposal

The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association is raising the alarm about a federal proposal to roll back the use of fertilizer by 30 percent. President Gunter Jochum says Ottawa made the heavy-handed environmental proposal without consulting farmers or Fertilizer Canada. He says it is unworkable and not based on any practical science. Jochum says the […]

Wheat Growers Make Grain Act Review Submission

“The Wheat Growers have long seen the need to update the Grain Act. There are men and women farming today, that were not born when the Act was last upgraded. Agriculture and technology have changed substantially in the last 36 years,” said Jim Wickett, Secretary-Treasurer and SK Director.

Federal budget plays to mixed reviews from ag groups

“It is staggering to think that the federal government wants grain farmers to adopt commercially available clean technology by moving off diesel and assist with the purchase of more efficient grain dryers – this is an odd proposal and suggests that the farmers don’t already adopt the newest innovations that have proven benefits… which couldn’t […]

Budget receives mostly positive reviews

The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association says it sees little that will benefit grain farmers in the budget and accuses the federal government of failing to consult with the industry before announcing plans to limit nitrogen fertilizer use.

Farmers urged to take part in Grain Act review

Jim Wickett, a grain grower from Rosetown, Sask., called the review “a once-in-a lifetime chance” for farmers to reset federal policies that impact farm profitability. “This has been a really important priority for us,” said Wickett, who also serves as a director with the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association (WCWGA).

Wheat Growers Say Federal Budget Not Based On Reality

“In analyzing the 2021 Federal budget, the Western Canadian Wheat Growers see little that will benefit grain farmers. Agriculture has been a strong contributor to Canada’s economy during COVID-19 and should be supported accordingly. Grain farmers have been early adopters of the latest technology that maximizes production and minimizes costs, but the 2021 budget recognizes […]

Carbon tax ruling disappoints farm groups

Western Canadian Wheat Growers said taxing farmers to reduce greenhouse gases is an “ill conceived” idea. “They are placing a huge financial burden on family farms,” said president Gunter Jochum. “I am concerned that many family farms will be taxed so high that the next generation will leave the industry.”

Cdn. ag group supports merger between CP and KCS

It’s an exciting opportunity for the ag sector, said Daryl Fransoo, chair of Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association. He’s also a producer from near Glaslyn, Sask.

Supreme Court rules in favour of national carbon tax

Director Stephen Vandervalk at 2:25 in the video.