Impact of 2018 Manitoba Budget on Producers

CALGARY, AB: The 2018 Manitoba provincial budget was released with only one major highlight for Manitoba producers. “The good news coming from this budget is a rise in the small business tax deduction from $450,000 to $500,000 – this will put Manitoba in line with the other Prairie provinces,” stated, William Pallister, Manitoba Director.

The finance minister touted the provinces’ record of attracting value-added processing in the ag sector – highlighting Roquette and Simplot expansions. The greater the amount of processing in the province and across Western Canada, the less reliant producers are on railways for transporting our goods. The Wheat Growers applaud the government’s initiatives in this regard.

However, there is still uncertainty regarding the devastating carbon tax. The government is moving forward with implementing this tax by September of this year. While farming relies on energy to feed the world, this tax could be devastating as input prices will rise. “Why punish our industry that sequesters so much carbon with growing crops? The government has pledged to give back the carbon revenues in the form of tax deductions, but the effect this has on producers isn’t clear,” closed Gunter Jochum, Manitoba Director.

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