Grain Farmers Left Holding an Empty Stocking

CALGARY, AB: The Communique from the Federal, Provincial and Territorial AG Ministers shows a federal government that is completely out of touch with grain farmers and the challenges that they are facing.

“Grain farmers have faced the harvest from Hell, a rail strike, a government stumbling through trade issues, only to have funding go to supply management commodities. Is this truly the best that the federal government can do? Having another report from government bureaucrats and testing pilot programs in select jurisdictions is a lump of coal in every grain farmers Christmas stocking,” stated Gunter Jochum, President.

Making more money available through cash advance programs that only result in increased farmer debt is not a solution. Having international trade agreements that are not enforced by Canada is a huge impediment to our grain exports. Many farmers still have grain left in the field, now under a blanket of snow and are left with bills to pay and a seriously reduced income.

Most grain farmers are now seeing the very real effect of the carbon tax, losing thousands of dollars out of their bottom line, and no way to pass that cost on to the end consumer. Most farmers are seeing the carbon tax is a 10% reduction in their income.

“The impact of natural weather disasters and a federal government that says that it wants to increase agriculture exports but won’t enforce trade agreements and puts tax barriers up results in a head-shaking situation. Grain farmers are seriously wondering who’s side they are on. We need a Business Risk Management program that acts now.” closed Daryl Fransoo, SK Director.

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