Updated: March 13, 2019

About Transportation

The movement of wheat to market is a crucial part of the market process. If we cannot move the world’s best wheat to our global markets, the quality makes no difference.

The Issues

There are many different parts of the process, from trucks moving grain from field to terminal, trains moving it to port, and ships moving it to foreign markets. Along the way are a series of logistics ranging from level crossings, bridges and tunnels, track and port capacity. When one part of the system breaks down, it impacts the entire system.

Our Position

Receiving Royal Assent in May 2018, Bill C-49 brought changes and introduced processes of how all wheat growers could hold the railways accountable for the movement of their grain. The Wheat Growers support this action.

What We Are Doing

Wheat Growers Congratulate CP and CN for Record Grain Movement

CALGARY, AB: Congratulations are due to both CP and CN Rail for their record grain hauls in the past year. Both rail lines have filed their performance reports to July 31, as well as their 2019 – 2020 grain plan. “In spite of the agriculture trade disputes that we have around the world, which have […]

Grain farmers worried about oil by rail creating backlog

Western grain farmers are concerned about the Notley government leasing 4,400 rail cars to deliver Alberta’s oil.

Farmers can’t get bills paid for next year’s crop without C-49: Wheat farmer

William Pallister, director of grain industry association Western Canadian Wheat Growers, reacts to the plan unveiled by CN Rail to lay double tracks in order to deal with a backlog in grain shipments. He says interswitching will help increase competition between the two railways companies.

Moving grain focus of meeting between feds, farmers, and railways

“It’s to the point where we’ve heard enough,” said Daryl Fransoo, who farms in the Glaslyn area, about 200 km northwest of Saskatoon. 

Officials to discuss ways to put and keep grain in high gear to port

Canadian National and Canadian Pacific railways have previously announced plans for improved grain movement, but Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association director Daryl Fransoo says the time for talk is over and it’s results that now count.  

CN to invest $210 in Saskatchewan

“Moving grain from the Prairies to our customers in export markets is absolutely critical to western farmers,” said Jim Wickett, chair of the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association and grain farmer at Rosetown, Saskatchewan.

Producers proceed with caution at passing of Bill C-49

A standoff between the House of Commons and the Senate has come to a close. Bill C-49, the Transportation Modernization Act received royal assent Wednesday, allowing for railways to be financially penalized for failing to deliver promised rail cars.

C-49 Transportation Modernization Act Receives Royal Assent

CALGARY, AB: The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association is very pleased that Bill C-49, Amendments to the Transportation Act has received Royal Assent. “C-49 will give Canada’s export grain markets assurance that we can deliver the safest, most nutritious, highest quality product on time. This is crucial as we move into our 2018 growing season […]

Farm groups asking Ottawa to intervene in looming rail strike

“…our markets are questioning whether or not we can meet the buyer demands. Our federal government needs to step up and assure our buyers that we can meet the global needs,” added Daryl Fransoo, farmer at Meota, Saskatchewan.  

Will the Trains Run on Time – Or at All?

CALGARY, AB: The Western Canadian Wheat Growers calls upon the federal government to prepare for a strike by CP Rail. “Wheat growers have suffered through the abysmal rail transportation problems this past growing season and now may have to face a strike by CP Rail. This is making a bad problem even worse,” said Levi Wood, President. […]

The Great Canadian Grain Disaster: How a rail backlog stranded mountains of grain in the country’s heartland

“Even with Bill C-49, you mark my words it will happen again,” said Stephen Vandervalk, a mixed grain farmer near Fort Macleod, Alberta.

Senate finally passes Bill C-49

The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association and Grain Growers of Canada are celebrating the Senate’s passage of the Transportation Modernization Act (Bill C-49). “This bill has taken far too long to pass, but I am pleased that the Senate has adopted our amendments and completed this process,” Daryl Fransoo, Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association director, said in [...]