Updated: March 13, 2019

About Transportation

The movement of wheat to market is a crucial part of the market process. If we cannot move the world’s best wheat to our global markets, the quality makes no difference.

The Issues

There are many different parts of the process, from trucks moving grain from field to terminal, trains moving it to port, and ships moving it to foreign markets. Along the way are a series of logistics ranging from level crossings, bridges and tunnels, track and port capacity. When one part of the system breaks down, it impacts the entire system.

Our Position

Receiving Royal Assent in May 2018, Bill C-49 brought changes and introduced processes of how all wheat growers could hold the railways accountable for the movement of their grain. The Wheat Growers support this action.

What We Are Doing

Grain farming is the forgotten sector

The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association remains dedicated to the values of free trade, open markets, and the entrepreneurial spirit that opened up the Canadian prairie decades ago. Unfortunately, our federal government has forgotten the important role that agriculture plays in our food security.

Wheat growers upset with feds

Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association representatives feel the federal government is not helping farmers address important issues

Western Canadian Wheat Growers Speak Out on the Federal Government

CALGARY, AB: Today the Western Canadian Wheat Growers released an open op-ed entitled: Grain Farmers – The Federal Government’s Forgotten Sector. The op-ed speaks to the challenges that grain farmers are currently facing, both before and during the COVID-19 crisis. Topics include carbon tax, environment, international trade, business risk management, crop insurance, transportation and broadband. […]

Trucking Industry Key To The Supply Chain

The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association is joining others in the agriculture sector in acknowledging the work and effort of those involved in the trucking industry for the work they do especially during COVID 19. Stephen Vandervalk is the Alberta Vice President for the Wheat Growers and says truckers are key to keeping our supply […]

Red Deer trucker ‘nervous’ on front lines of COVID-19 fight

The Western Canadian Wheat Growers has also thrown its support behind short- and long-haul drivers. It said many facilities are denying drivers access to bathroom facilities. “All Canadians are relying on these modern-day heroes to move the food and products that we need in our hospitals, grocery stores and fuel stations,” said Alberta director Stephen […]

Wheat Growers Support Our Truckers

CALGARY, AB: The Western Canadian Wheat Growers would like to acknowledge and thank our long and short-haul truckers for the vitally important work that they are doing under the current difficult circumstances. Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 regulations in place, many facilities are denying drivers access to bathroom facilities. “All Canadians are relying on these modern-day […]

April Fool’s Day Carbon Tax Increase is Fooling No One

CALGARY, AB: In the midst of a global pandemic, the Federal Government is using April Fool’s Day to increase the carbon tax from $20/tonne to $30/tonne. At a time when hundreds of thousands of people are being laid off and many businesses are at least temporarily closing, the tax on just about everything is increasing. […]

Federal Carbon Tax Implementation Must Be Cancelled

CALGARY, AB: With the April 1 implementation deadline looming, the Western Canadian Wheat Growers are calling for the federal government to eliminate the move to increase the carbon tax from $20 to $30/tonne for those provinces under the federal backstop. “The Canadian economy is facing a serious challenge. Adding a 50% increase in the carbon […]

Canadian Agricultural Industry Reacts to Blockades

Director Cherilyn Jolly Nagel speaks to CityNews Edmonton about the impact of the rail blockade.

CN halts rail traffic in East due to protests

“Grain farmers should not be held hostage through this issue,” Daryl Fransoo, a Saskatchewan director with the Western Canadian Wheat Growers, said in a separate statement Wednesday. “We call upon the federal and provincial authorities to enforce the law, and clear the blockades.”

‘Enforce the law’: Commodity groups call for quick resolution surrounding rail line protest

Many in the agriculture industry are nervous about what this means for grain, fuel, and goods movement across Canada and to port. Without crops moving to port, there’s no money moving to farmers.

Wheat Growers Calls For End To Rail Blockades

The Western Canadian Wheat Growers say they are increasingly concerned over the blockades in Ontario and B.C. that are stopping rail traffic across Canada.