Wheat Growers Welcome Privatization of CWB

CALGARY, AB: The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association welcomes today’s announcement of the deal between the CWB and G3 Global Grain Group, which will see $250 million of new investment in the Canadian grain industry.

“This deal will strengthen the CWB’s ability to compete for farmers’ grain,” says Levi Wood, President of the Wheat Growers. “The global connections of G3 will also open up new market opportunities and ultimately improve returns to farmers.”

The Wheat Growers are particularly pleased to see this new investment from a player who does not currently have a large footprint in the prairie grain handling industry. The equity investment by G3 will give the CWB the ability to build further high throughput grain handling facilities on the prairies.

“Given the constraints of our rail network, having additional grain handling capacity will be a welcome development,” says Wood. “Increasing system capacity will improve our industry’s ability to meet customer needs on a timely basis, and will give farmers a further marketing outlet for their grain.”

The Wheat Growers are also pleased to see the CWB Farmer Equity Plan will continue for those farmers who choose to do business with the CWB. Under this Plan, farmers obtain an equity stake of $5 for each tonne of grain delivered to the CWB.

“Overall we see this deal as a positive development for farmers,” says Wood. “It strengthens competition, increases grain handling capacity and gives farmers an opportunity to share in the growth of the CWB.”

About the Wheat Growers:

Founded in 1970, the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association is a voluntary farmer-run advocacy organization dedicated to developing public policy solutions that strengthen the profitability and sustainability of farming, and the agricultural industry as a whole. For more information, please visit wheatgrowers.ca.

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Levi Wood, President


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