Wheat Growers Support Establishment of Grain Market Information Depot

CALGARY, AB: The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association is pleased to see the announcement of a website being developed to provide farmers with real-time access to price and market information. The project is an initiative of the Alberta Wheat Commission with financial support being provided by the federal government.

“This site will be a valuable source of market information for farmers and other industry players,” says Levi Wood, President of the Wheat Growers. “Improving the flow of information makes for more competitive markets, and will give farmers another tool to help them in their seeding and grain marketing decisions.”

The Wheat Growers see the development of the website as a one-stop shop for market information, including information on grain prices, crop estimates, grain movement, stocks, domestic use and export numbers. The Wheat Growers had earlier provided a letter of support for the project.

“Having all this information in one place will help farmers make better judgments on when and where to price their grain,” says Levi Wood. “It will also help the trade in developing their grain marketing plans and executing their sales programs.”

The Wheat Growers commend the Alberta Wheat Commission and Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz for recognizing the market information gaps and taking measures to fill this need.

About the Wheat Growers:

Founded in 1970, the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association is a voluntary farmer-run advocacy organization dedicated to developing public policy solutions that strengthen the profitability and sustainability of farming, and the agricultural industry as a whole. For more information, please visit wheatgrowers.ca.

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Levi Wood, President


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