Policy Goals of the Wheat Growers

Open and competitive markets:  The Wheat Growers support open markets, where many players compete vigorously for our business, including in farm inputs and our farm products.   

Trade:  The Wheat Growers support free and competitive markets, including the elimination of export subsidies, reduction of trade-distorting domestic support, and reducing tariffs and non-tariff barriers that inhibit market access.

Transportation:  The Wheat Growers support a commercial and efficient grain transportation system, recognizing the need for government regulation to foster greater service, competition, and accountability in the rail sector.   

Biotechnology:  The Wheat Growers support the development of agricultural innovations that make farmers more profitable and sustainable.  We support Canada’s science-based regulatory approval process for the introduction of new technologies.  We believe agronomic decisions are the responsibility of farmers, who should be free to choose those technologies that suit their own farm operations, including the adoption of genetically modified crops. 

Environment:  The Wheat Growers support sustainable agricultural policies that ensure the resource base is maintained for future generations of farmers.

Farm Income:  The Wheat Growers pursue policies that allow farmers the greatest opportunity to become profitable and self-reliant.  Government has a role in helping farmers manage inherent production and revenue risks associated with farming, in order to maintain a safe, healthy, and reliable food production system in Canada.  We support the development of a farm safety net system that is simple, responsive, affordable, and consistent with international trade obligations.

Regulatory Issues:  The Wheat Growers support a commercial grain industry that does not impose undue regulatory burdens on either industry participants or farmers.  We support efforts to maintain Canada’s reputation as a reliable supplier of quality grain, with the understanding that our grain quality assurance system adapts to meet the changing needs of farmers and customers.  We support ongoing efforts to harmonize pesticide standards with the U.S. and beyond North America to ensure farmers continue to have access to the newest and safest pesticides.