Health Canada Confirms Safety of Glyphosate

CALGARY, AB: The Western Canadian Wheat Growers are very pleased and proud that Health Canada has completed a thorough scientific review of glyphosate and stands by their previous decision that glyphosate is approved for continued use in Canada, dispelling the objections of critics.

“Glyphosate is a crucial input for our crops. Used correctly, it reduces weeds, increases yield, assists soil health, reduces erosion and ultimately lowers our fuel costs through fewer passes over the field, making our farms more environmentally friendly”, stated Jim Wickett, Chair.

The Health Canada release stated that, “After a thorough scientific review, we have concluded that the concerns raised by the objectors could not be scientifically supported when considering the entire body of relevant data. The objections raised did not create doubt or concern regarding the scientific basis for the 2017 re-evaluation decision for glyphosate. Therefore, the Department’s final decision will stand.”

“The defense of many modern agriculture practices, like the use of crop protection products, has been exhausting these past few years and its refreshing to see science win this battle! Canadian farmers should celebrate this unequivocal support for glyphosate. The strong language used in the Health Canada statement is clear and it has certainly renewed my faith in our regulatory system,” stated Cherilyn Nagel, Director.

About the Wheat Growers:

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