Let’s Get the Carbon Tax Axed!

The federal government doesn’t seem to understand that the carbon tax impacts farmers’ bottom lines. The carbon tax is added to almost everything we buy, but unlike many consumer goods, we cannot pass it on to the end consumer. We sell our grain on the world market.

The 2019 harvest has been particularly hard – flooding, rain and multiple snowstorms across the prairies mean that we’ve had to use grain dryers A LOT! Dryers are great technology but running them isn’t cheap. To add insult to injury the federal government adds on a carbon tax and tags on the GST.

Upon the swearing in of the new ministers, we have sent a strong message to Ottawa urging the federal government to eliminate the carbon tax on farm related inputs and energy.

But we also want to show the federal government the impact of their actions.

Please sign our “NoFarmCarbonTax” petition and tell us how much carbon tax you’ve paid. We’ll send your petition response to the Minister of Agriculture and Food as well as the Minister of Environment and Climate Change. Let’s flood their inboxes with your concerns.


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No Farm Carbon Tax

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A frustrated, hard working farmer who is trying to make a respectable living but is finding it difficult with the added burden of paying a carbon tax.
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How Much Carbon Tax Have You Paid?

Let’s show the federal government how much hard-working farmers have paid in carbon tax – a tax that is hurting our bottom line.

Input the amount you’ve paid to date and keep coming back to update with every outrageous bill you receive.

We will not publish your name with the total. We will only take the total and add it to our tally.