Doug Chorney from Canadian Grain Commission Response re: Cargill Late Payments

Dear Mr. Jochum,

Thank you for your message regarding slow payment concerns at Cargill.

The CGC shares your concerns and it is a top priority for us. We have received a number of slow payment complaints from producers and we have successfully worked with them to secure payment in relatively short order. Based on our discussions with executives at Cargill, it appears that the issue has been caused by the implementation new payment software. We received assurances this week from Cargill that the problem has been resolved and that no new slow payment complaints should emerge going forward.

That said, some producers may still have outstanding slow payment complaints to resolve. We encourage them to contact us so that we can bring their concerns forward and help them secure payment. Please note as well that we are seeking more information from Cargill on how many producers have been affected and their timeline to deal with any remaining outstanding payments.

We encourage you to share this message with your members.


Doug ChorneyChief Commissioner
Canadian Grain Commission / Government of Canada Tel: 204-983-2730 / TTY: 1-866-317-4289

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