Kenton Possberg

Kenton, along with his wife Pam, is a grain producer who farms about 13,000 acres north east of Humboldt, Saskatchewan. They own Parkland Ventures which grows wheat, barley, canola, oats, and peas. Kenton and Pam have two children, Spencer and Taylor. In 1998 Kenton received a Degree in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan.

Kenton is also a avid activist. In addition to his work on drainage policy, he has been quite engaged on the temporary foreign worker file and sits on the CAHRC as the Grains and Oilseeds member. As well, Kenton is a WGRF Board member as the WG’s representative. Please reach out to Kenton directly if you would like to discuss his initiatives further.


Government Bureaucracy


Kenton in the Media

Reduced-risk management strategy for foliar insect pests of Prairie field crops

The Pesticide Risk Reduction Program acknowledges the contribution of Kenton Possberg and the Wheat Growers for its assistance.

Changes to temporary foreign worker program generate labour shortage

Kenton Possberg fears that changes to the program will mean he loses some long-time farmhands who know his land better than he does, and have years of experience operating the high-tech farm machinery.