Gunter Jochum

Gunter’s family moved to Canada from Germany in 1980 to provide more opportunity for the second generation in the agriculture industry. Now Gunter operates the family farm (Blue Diamond Farms – a grain and oilseed operation), just west of Winnipeg, with his wife Crystal and their four daughters.

Gunter is keen to engage in activities that strengthen the ag industry as a way to ensure the sustainability of farming for future generations. Each year Gunter, Crystal and their daughters participate in Open Farm Day which provides the public with the opportunity to visit their farm and learn about agriculture.

Gunter also maintains a strong presence advocating for agriculture on social media and enjoys being active on the Wheat Growers as a voice for Western Canadian farmers.


Grain Grading, CGC & Grain Act

Tax Changes

Gunter in the Media

Carbon Tax to Cost Canadian Farmers Upwards of $100,000 Annually

“The government wants to increase the [carbon] tax, which would cost my farm a whopping $136,000 per year by 2030. This will jeopardize the viability and sustainability of my farm,” […]

Gunter Jochum is a Witness at the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food

Wheat Growers President Gunter Jochum speaks at the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food about supply chain issues and global food security. Link to watch (start at 16:46:30)

Opinion: Cutting fertilizer emissions in Canada will ultimately harm the world’s environment

When Canadian farmers cut production, the void will be filled by farmers from such places as China and India, where fertilizer usage is much more intensive

Western Canadian Wheat Growers challenge proposed fertilizer reduction target

President Gunter Jochum notes the policy is precisely what Canada, and the world, does not need in a time of food insecurity and inflation. 

Grain prices will remain strong, even as we see increased production in parts of Canada: Expert

Gunter Jochum, president of The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss his view on grains including Wheat and Canola. Jochum says that even as weather conditions […]

Opinion: Ottawa should stop stoking food insecurity

Ottawa’s taxes and regulations are driving up costs for farmers and the families who buy the food they produce

More Food or Less Fertilizer? Policy Pain in Canada’s Agriculture Sector

Wheat Growers’ President Gunter Jochum was a participant in the “More Food or Less Fertilizer?” webinar to discuss Canada’s role in global food security, the fertilizer emissions reduction target, and […]

72% of farmers say crop yield will plummet under Trudeau’s emissions scheme

“We have talked to other producer groups, we’re very concerned about exactly that same scenario. And will we go to these lengths like what’s happening in the Netherlands? I don’t […]

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