Gunter Jochum

Gunter’s family moved to Canada from Germany in 1980 to provide more opportunity for the second generation in the agriculture industry. Now Gunter operates the family farm (Blue Diamond Farms – a grain and oilseed operation), just west of Winnipeg, with his wife Crystal and their four daughters.

Gunter is keen to engage in activities that strengthen the ag industry as a way to ensure the sustainability of farming for future generations. Each year Gunter, Crystal and their daughters participate in Open Farm Day which provides the public with the opportunity to visit their farm and learn about agriculture.

Gunter also maintains a strong presence advocating for agriculture on social media and enjoys being active on the Wheat Growers as a voice for Western Canadian farmers.


Grain Grading, CGC & Grain Act

Tax Changes

Gunter in the Media

Sustainable? Depends on who’s asked

Op-ed by Gunter Jochum: I want my farm to be sustainable because I want it to be here for future generations. So I need to look after the soil, grow good crops, and maintain equipment and infrastructure. But I don’t think the word “sustainable” means the same thing to the federal government. In fact, I […]

Ag group claims Trudeau hid report showing fertilizer reduction will increase food prices

“Documents from Ottawa recently obtained through Freedom of Information back this up,” said WCWG President Gunter Jochum. “Ottawa knows fertilizer reduction in the name of taking action on climate change will result in a reduction of crop output in Canada.”

Ag group claims Trudeau hid report showing fertilizer reduction will increase food prices

The Western Canadian Wheat Growers (WCWG) are dumbfounded Canada’s Chief Science Advisor admitted she knew nothing about how Trudeau’s mandated fertilizer reductions would affect food production. During a Commons Standing Committee on Science and Research meeting, Dr. Mona Nemer told the committee she was not asked or determined if the fertilizer reductions would have an […]

Farmers blast feds’ failure to consider fertilizer policy’s impact on food production

The Western Canadian Wheat Growers put out a scathing statement on Wednesday accusing the federal government of ideological capture and failing to base their 30% fertilizer emissions reduction target on science. 

Wheat growing group says Agriculture Canada has wrong priorities

“This is more evidence that Agriculture Canada is no longer in the business of advancing the productivity of farmers and the success of the sector,” said Wheat Growers President Gunter Jochum in a Tuesday press release. 

Farmers skeptical of Trudeau’s new agriculture plan

“We will be watching these consultations carefully, but we are prepared to expend resources to tell average, urban, non-farming Canadians that their food supply and the cost of their food could be very negatively impacted by further federal ‘sustainability’ regimes.”

Farmers skeptical of Trudeau’s new agriculture plan

Western Canadian Wheat Growers (WCWG) Saskatchewan Director Daryl Fransoo said the over-regulation of farmers is costing Canadians at the grocery store. “It’s time for Ottawa to step out of the way. Their over regulations of an industry that’s already the epitome of sustainability is only making food more expensive for Canadians in the store shelves,” […]

Agriculture Roundup for Wednesday December 14, 2022

The Western Canadian Wheat Growers (WCWG) are concerned with the federal government’s approach to improving agriculture environmental performance. President Gunter Jochum said the group is worried upcoming consultations will lead to regulations that hurt consumers, decrease production, and amplify already extreme food inflation.

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