Gunter Jochum

Gunter’s family moved to Canada from Germany in 1980 to provide more opportunity for the second generation in the agriculture industry. Now Gunter operates the family farm (Blue Diamond Farms – a grain and oilseed operation), just west of Winnipeg, with his wife Crystal and their four daughters.

Gunter is keen to engage in activities that strengthen the ag industry as a way to ensure the sustainability of farming for future generations. Each year Gunter, Crystal and their daughters participate in Open Farm Day which provides the public with the opportunity to visit their farm and learn about agriculture.

Gunter also maintains a strong presence advocating for agriculture on social media and enjoys being active on the Wheat Growers as a voice for Western Canadian farmers.


Grain Grading, CGC & Grain Act

Tax Changes

Gunter in the Media

Wheat Growers President Gunter Jochum Discusses the Federal Canola Funding Announcement

Listen to the broadcast.

Seed royalty proposal divides farmers

The wheat growers association wants to wait till the end of the consultation process before stating its preferred choice, but added it supports the continuation of public breeding programs and believes a new royalty collection system would contribute to their sustainability.

RealAg Radio, June 23: Wheat Growers Panel at Agri-Trade

A farmer panel discussion on crop progress, trade, the federal Liberals and more.

Bayer grower insights: improving operations on-farm

Gunter Jochum, Director of the Western Canadian Wheat Growers who personally grows soybeans, canola, wheat and oats in St. Francois Xavier, Manitoba says, “Turn to resources for help during the decision-making process. From agronomists to university extensions to local suppliers, learn as much as you can.”

Wheat Growers Welcome Tax Announcement In Budget 2018

The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association (WCWGA) is welcoming at least one announcement that was included in the 2018 provincial budget.

It’s Grow Time | Bayer Canada

Because you work in acres, not hours. That’s the way growers, like you, live. You keep pushing, day after day, without ever punching in or out. All with one thing on your mind. Getting more out of every seed, row and field. So, if you’re in the business of higher yields, get there with Bayer [...]

Easing US wheat’s entry into Canada called priority

Restricting US wheat imports while Canada enjoys unrestricted access to the United States was a major topic of conversation at a recent farm conference. 

Complaints about Canadian grading of US wheat justified: Gifford

It’s a trade irritant that St. Francois Xavier farmer and Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association director Gunter Jochum fears could lead to the U.S. blocking Canadian wheat imports.