Gunter Jochum

Gunter’s family moved to Canada from Germany in 1980 to provide more opportunity for the second generation in the agriculture industry. Now Gunter operates the family farm (Blue Diamond Farms – a grain and oilseed operation), just west of Winnipeg, with his wife Crystal and their four daughters.

Gunter is keen to engage in activities that strengthen the ag industry as a way to ensure the sustainability of farming for future generations. Each year Gunter, Crystal and their daughters participate in Open Farm Day which provides the public with the opportunity to visit their farm and learn about agriculture.

Gunter also maintains a strong presence advocating for agriculture on social media and enjoys being active on the Wheat Growers as a voice for Western Canadian farmers.


Grain Grading, CGC & Grain Act

Tax Changes

Gunter in the Media

Manitoba farmer says advance buying of inputs has helped, a bit, as costs soar

Gunter Jochum, president at Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association, joins BNN Bloomberg and says higher crop prices are welcome but farmers are dealing with soaring expenses and either drought or wet conditions. If they seed too late, then eligibility for crop insurance ends.

“Totally unfair” – Wheat farmers blast Trudeau government over carbon tax

“Absolutely we are unfairly targeted because we as a primary producer have no way of dealing with the carbon tax,”  said Gunter Jochum. “It is a pure cost to us, and there isn’t really a way for us to become more efficient.” 

Trudeau government targets grain growers as worst emissions offenders

“I would like to know where they got their facts from,” said Gunter Jochum. “I believe those facts were entirely made up because in Canada we don’t even have a baseline as to what the true emissions are.” 

Agriculture Roundup for Wednesday January 19, 2022

Manitoba has a new agriculture minister. Interlake-Gimli MLA Derek Johnson replaces Ralph Eichler after a cabinet shuffle on Tuesday. Western Canadian Wheat Growers (WCWG) President Gunter Jochum said the organization is looking forward to a continued relationship with the department. “The Wheat Growers have played a strong role in building agriculture policy that benefits growers, […]

Local farmers share a common wish for Christmas, recognition for becoming carbon net-zero

Association president Gunter Jochum says the cost just keeps going up for farmers — with added amounts every year. “On my farm (near Winnipeg) alone at fifty or forty thousand dollars a ton, it works out to about $40,000 a year in extra costs,” said Jochum. Jochum adds farmers can’t regulate that or get a […]

Farmers urge grain companies to co-operate on contracts

The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association is encouraging farmers and grain companies to work together to find co-operative solutions in cases where producers don’t have enough grain to fill production contracts.

Western Canadian Wheat Growers Launch Fertilizer Awareness Campaign

“The Federal Government has stated that they want to reduce fertilizer emissions by 30%, but have no plan or details how to accomplish this. They have not consulted with farmers or industry and yet make #fakepolicy announcements. The only way to achieve this is through a reduction in fertilizer use,” said Gunter Jochum, President and […]

Roundtable Revises Grain Code of Practice

Gunter Jochum, a Manitoba grain farmer who also serves as president of the Western Canadian Wheat Growers, said he has serious reservations about the need for a voluntary code. He said there is no guarantee that a voluntary code will provide any benefits to Canadian growers, particularly in terms of trade and market access.

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