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Dave Quist

Dave continues to provide leadership in the not-for-profit, research and political worlds with more than two decades of experience. His senior experience is sought after in all regions of Canada. Key strengths include team building and success in raising the profile of numerous organizations. He has a proven track record to develop and implement policy as well as working with not-for-profit associations and NGOs. He brings invaluable media experience, as a spokesperson on television and radio and through multiple print formats including op-eds, as well as being active on social media. An excellent communicator, Dave has worked with elected officials and senior administrative staff at all levels of government.

Dave in the Media

Saskatoon bakers facing higher grain prices

Wheat prices like those are at their highest in more than a decade, said Dave Quist, executive director of the Western Canadian Wheat Growers. There’s likely going to be a shortage of wheat as the fallout of war drastically affects the roughly 30 per cent of world wheat exports coming from Ukraine and Russia, he […]

Millions may starve from Ukraine war as UN urges Canada to up wheat exports

The UN World Food Program has warned that millions of people in the developing world and conflict zones are on the brink of starvation following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, one of the world’s biggest wheat exporters.

Canada urged to help as millions face starvation due to Russian invasion of Ukraine

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday during his visit to London that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was having a “ripple effect” across the world, including to the UN World Food Program.

Canada planning for global food emergency, as Ukraine attack risks wheat supply

Dave Quist, executive director of the Western Canadian Wheat Growers, said Ukrainian farmers were “very concerned about not being able to get into the field at all.” He said it is doubtful whether those that manage to plant their fields will be able to harvest in August or September.  

Analysis: Will Biden seek to re-join the CPTPP trading bloc?

One of President Trump’s first actions as US President was to pull out of the TransPacific Partnership (TPP), a proposed free trade agreement between 12 Pacific Rim countries that would have comprised around 40% of the world’s GDP and had the potential to reduce and eliminate tariffs on some 18,000 agricultural and manufactured products.

Jobs still available on farms, industry groups say

Western Canadian Wheat Growers executive director Dave Quist said food security is of the “upmost importance” in the current COVID-19-induced shutdown. “The Western Canadian Wheat Growers are supportive of hiring Canadians whenever and wherever possible,” he said in an email to iPolitics, though added that grain farmers require many trained skills for technical equipment, horticulture expertise [...]

840 CFCW’s Cheryl Brooks had a chat with Dave Quist of the Wheat Growers regarding the upcoming federal election

One of the main concerns from many rural Canadians, especially those on the Prairies, is the lack of talk about agriculture during the federal election campaign. In reality, there's been very little and yet agriculture is one of the biggest economic drivers in the country. 840 CFCW's Cheryl Brooks had a chat with Dave Quist [...]

Federal Parties Answer Agriculture Questionnaire

The federal parties' commitments to farmers and the agricultural sector are highlighted in a questionnaire released by the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Tuesday. The questionnaire was sent to all registered political parties and consisted of five questions exploring their view on priorities for farmers overall, on transporting grain, trade barriers and carbon pricing.

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