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Daryl Fransoo

Daryl farms with his father near Glaslyn, Saskatchewan. He produces spring and soft white wheat, malt barley, canola, multiple varieties of peas and lentils, and oats.

Daryl’s family also owned and operated a pulse processing and exporting business in Saskatchewan.

As a young grower, Daryl has a passion to continue growing the family farm, and enjoys researching better ways to manage the agronomy, financials, and marketing decisions of the farm.

Daryl played three seasons in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, with both the Weyburn Red Wings and the Flin Flon Bombers.

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Grain Growers of Canada: WCWGA Representative

Do More Ag Mental Health Foundation: Director

Daryl in the Media

CN halts rail traffic in East due to protests

“Grain farmers should not be held hostage through this issue,” Daryl Fransoo, a Saskatchewan director with the Western Canadian Wheat Growers, said in a separate statement Wednesday. “We call upon the federal and provincial authorities to enforce the law, and clear the blockades.”

‘Enforce the law’: Commodity groups call for quick resolution surrounding rail line protest

Many in the agriculture industry are nervous about what this means for grain, fuel, and goods movement across Canada and to port. Without crops moving to port, there’s no money moving to farmers.

Wheat Growers Calls For End To Rail Blockades

The Western Canadian Wheat Growers say they are increasingly concerned over the blockades in Ontario and B.C. that are stopping rail traffic across Canada.

Rule of Law Must Prevail Say Wheat Growers

The Western Canadian Wheat Growers are increasingly concerned over the illegal blockades that are stopping rail traffic across Canada. In our free and democratic society, all Canadian citizens have the right to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and assembly, but they must also obey the law.

No-surprise budget pleases Sask. farm groups

Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association director Daryl Fransoo said the government helps farmers with more than money. “As the Western Canadian Wheat Growers, we don’t need more funding. We need a government that will fight for us like they are doing on the canola aspect, like they are doing with the carbon tax,” he said.

Moving grain focus of meeting between feds, farmers, and railways

“It’s to the point where we’ve heard enough,” said Daryl Fransoo, who farms in the Glaslyn area, about 200 km northwest of Saskatoon. 

Officials to discuss ways to put and keep grain in high gear to port

Canadian National and Canadian Pacific railways have previously announced plans for improved grain movement, but Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association director Daryl Fransoo says the time for talk is over and it’s results that now count.  

Farm groups asking Ottawa to intervene in looming rail strike

“…our markets are questioning whether or not we can meet the buyer demands. Our federal government needs to step up and assure our buyers that we can meet the global needs,” added Daryl Fransoo, farmer at Meota, Saskatchewan.