A Better Website to Serve You Better

We are excited to announce the launch of the new and improved Wheat Growers’ website. The investment into an updated website allows us to:

  • Focus on policy and advocacy – the real purpose of the Wheat Growers – so our members, media and community at large understand our position on the issues.
  • Offer detailed information about each of our current-day policy issues and demonstrate what we are doing to make things better for you and your farm. For instance, carbon taxseed value creationgrain act modernizationtransportationUSMCA and CPTPP.
  • Provide more details about each member of the Wheat Growers team that work every day advocating for you, along with contact information.
  • Be the source of all ag-related information for our membership, from helpful industry links to outside policy-related information links to events happening in your province.
  • Better promote the annual convention, both before and after the event, and provide a better registration experience.
  • Provide the ability to allow users to engage with our content by sharing it socially (social share buttons can be found at the bottom of each page).
  • Promote the benefits of membership and provide a secure and easy way to purchase.
  • Acknowledge our generous sponsors.


We hope you like it and will visit the website often to stay up to date on what the Wheat Growers are doing on your behalf and to help share our advocacy efforts with your network. If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you.

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