The Committee’s Purpose

To showcase and communicate agricultural issues in a positive manner, leading to increased public trust and confidence with the crops we grow and the food consumers enjoy.

The Issues

Public trust is an over-arching policy issue that while it stands alone, it is also connected to many other issues the Wheat Growers advocate for, such as transportation (protestors and blockades), trade (Canadian conversation about buy local domestic consumption versus global trade) and trade agreements.

Other related current events:

  • Changes to Canada Food Guide
  • Glyphosate-resistant wheat found in Alberta
  • Food related stories in the media
  • Safety (Bill 6 Alberta)
  • Fear-based marketing (Earls Restaurants, A&W, Chipotle’s, Cheerios™)
  • GMO’s

What Are You Doing to Help Promote Consumer Confidence?

As farmers, we are all in this together and our collective voice helps spread knowledge and acceptance.

Please share with us your stories so we can include them here and promote with our social media followers.

Committee Members

In the Media

Farming innovation helping to meet demand and sustainability goals

While the challenges faced by generations of farmers have changed over time – one tenet remains constant: their dedication to keeping the land and soil healthy, today and in the future. “Regardless of the size of our farms, sustainability is always a top priority and affects every decision we make,” says farmer and policy advocate […]

Kaitlyn Kitzan: Promoting agriculture through Daughters of the Vote

Public speaking makes many people very nervous, but for others it’s very natural. For Kaitlyn Kitzan its a talent she put to good use in the House of Commons this week as she represented Daughters of the Vote. The program is the brainchild of Equal Voice, a non-partisan group working to increase the number of […]

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