Matt Sawyer

Matt, along with his wife Tara and their three children, farm west of Acme, Alberta on a mixed grain and cattle farm. A dynamic team with Matt as a Wheat Growers Director and Tara as Chair of Alberta’s Outstanding Young Farmers, they’ve hosted many different delegations and groups from international guests from Japan, Ireland and Australia showcasing Alberta crop production from field to plate, as well as school groups teaching farm safety. The Sawyers are passionate about promoting agriculture as a business and a way of life. In 2011 they were awarded Alberta’s Outstanding Young Farmers Award for their agriculture advocacy and good agriculture and environmental stewardship.

Matt in the Media

Canadian farmers on trade, environmental policy and the federal election

For Matt Sawyer, a canola and wheat farmer in Acme, Alta., the most pressing issue this election is trade. "The last 36 months, we've lost trade with Vietnam, Peru, Saudi Arabia and China and we need to come forward with some measures to re-establish trade for our producers as soon as we can. Bottom line," [...]

‘An absolutely brutal year’: Alberta farm incomes plummet 70 per cent in 2018

Director Matt Sawyer featured: Alberta farm incomes plummeted in 2018 due to a “brutal” combination of conditions that included severe drought, wild weather and global trade barriers.

Alberta farmers await Saskatchewan court decision on carbon tax

Alberta wheat farmers are cheering on the Saskatchewan government in its battle against the federal carbon tax. “It’s more important than just the wheat. Whether you’re a corn grower, barley, wheat or canola, this impacts all of us," said Director Matt Sawyer.

Barley & Beer Concerns: CBC News Interview with Director Matt Sawyer

CBC Calgary news interview.

Matt Sawyer thinks the motivation behind the carbon tax was to get pipelines approved, not to help the environment

The director with the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association says he doesn't know any farmers who support the tax.

Farmers overcharged nearly $100 million in CGC user fees

The Canadian Grain Commission has built up a surplus of nearly $100 million since 2013-14 through excess user fees collected from Canadian grain farmers. That surplus has prompted the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association to call for surplus fees to be immediately returned to grain farmers.