Jim Wickett

Jim farms in the Rosetown area where he grows a mix of crops including wheat, lentils, barley and flax.

Jim joined the Wheat Growers Board of Directors in 2010 and was elected as Chair in 2013. He has also been very active in his local community, including having spent 13 years on municipal council, and has been President of the local Kinsmen Club and senior hockey club. In addition, he coached high school football for 17 years.

Jim attended the University of Saskatchewan, studying agriculture, until the sudden passing of his father had him return home to take over the farm. He has also taken the Cultivate program for agricultural leadership at the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.

Jim in the Media

Wheat Growers speak out against potential changes to pesticide act

“We would support PMRA Program renewal with more transparent decision-making, more predictable risk assessment, and the ability to bring in data earlier rather than modelling worst-case scenarios,” said Jim Wickett, […]

Western Canadian Wheat Growers makes submission to PMRA’s review of Pest Control Products Act

“We believe the Pest Control Products Act is fit for purpose and that added improvements and regulatory modernization can be achieved via updated guidance documents and internal policy implementation,” stated […]

Sask. Agriculture Minister pushes grain companies to be flexible with farmers facing crop failure

Agriculture Minister David Marit is asking grain companies to be flexible with farmers who are facing crop failure and can’t fill grain delivery contracts. Some farm leaders have raised concerns […]

Wheat Growers Make Grain Act Review Submission

“The Wheat Growers have long seen the need to update the Grain Act. There are men and women farming today, that were not born when the Act was last upgraded. […]

Farmers urged to take part in Grain Act review

Jim Wickett, a grain grower from Rosetown, Sask., called the review “a once-in-a lifetime chance” for farmers to reset federal policies that impact farm profitability. “This has been a really […]

Federal ministers promise carbon tax rebates as Conservative bill to exempt on-farm propane and natural gas passes 2nd reading

The Western Canadian Wheat Growers said there have been major investments to agriculture since the elimination of the Canadian Wheat Board nine years ago.

Sask. farmers welcome review of the Canada Grain Act

Western Canadian Wheat Growers committee chair Jim Wickett says changes are needed to services from the Canadian Grain Commission and grain grading. He says the current visual grading system is […]

Western Canadian Wheat Growers hopeful for road infrastructure in Saskatchewan budget

Western Canadian Wheat Growers chair Jim Wickett says farmers need adequate road infrastructure to move their product to market. The Premier has also hinted at more support for irrigation and [...]

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