Jim Wickett

Jim farms in the Rosetown area, with his wife Michelle and two daughters, on a fourth generation farm. He grows a mix of crops including wheat, lentils, barley and flax.

Jim joined the Wheat Growers Board of Directors in 2010 and was elected as Chair in 2013. He has also been very active in his local community, including having spent 13 years on municipal council, and has been President of the local Kinsmen Club and senior hockey club. In addition, he coached high school football for 17 years.

Jim attended the University of Saskatchewan, studying agriculture, until the sudden passing of his father had him return home to take over the farm. He has also taken the Cultivate program for agricultural leadership at the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.

Jim in the Media

Weekend rain and snow cause more harvest delays across Saskatchewan

Wheat Growers chair Jim Wickett at Rosetown says some crops have been flattened and downgraded to livestock feed by the rain and snow. Wickett adds farmers face much higher costs for grain drying and he is hoping for some rebate from the federal carbon tax.

Sask. farmers look for warm dry frost-free weather in September

Western Canadian Wheat Growers chair Jim Wickett farms at Rosetown and says many crops in his area are late maturing and need warm dry weather to mature and ripen. He says frost is a big concern in his area. Wickett says frost in the next 2 weeks could devastate many canola and some wheat crops.

Guess who’s paying for new grain grading?

"Working with proposed changes to grading factors can translate into a lot of speculation, and that’s troubling for Jim Wickett, chair of the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association."

Canadian wheat sales to China hit 14-year high despite dispute, displacing U.S. shipments

“Any extra sale is critical this year. That gives us some optimism,” said Jim Wickett, a Saskatchewan farmer and chairman of Western Canadian Wheat Growers.

Views differ on crop exports to China other than canola

“Aside from issues with canola seed, at the moment shipments of other grains, oilseeds and pulses continue to be accepted by China.” However, Jim Wickett, a farmer at Rosetown, Sask. and board member with the Western Canadian Wheat Growers, stated otherwise.

Prairie farming: ‘a lifetime apprenticeship’ (featuring Chair Jim Wickett)

Grain farmer Jim Wickett from Rosetown, Sask., will plant about 3,100 acres this year, including spring wheat, red lentils, flax and barley. Durum was grown regularly until a few years ago, when fusarium pressure prompted Wickett to switch to red spring wheat.

Wheat Growers call on Ottawa to open talks with China over grain shipments

Jim Wickett says the dispute is clearly political, not a quality issue.

Sask. farmers concerned about early melt, lack of soil moisture

Some areas got less than half the normal precipitation this winter.