Clayton Kotylak

Clayton has been pursuing his passion for Western Canadian agriculture in the areas of wheat, pulse, oilseed, and livestock production for over 35 years. He is currently the principal shareholder of Right Road Farms Inc. which he operates with his wife and partner of 20 years, Carrie Kotylak. Clayton and Carrie are the proud parents of two daughters, MacKenzie and Chloe.

Clayton has been an active member of the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association for over 30 years and was an advisor to the Board early in his career. He has been an outspoken proponent for free markets in our industry as well as an early adopter of innovation in the areas of mechanics, genetics, politics, and trade.

In recent years Clayton has diversified his interest and portfolio to include real estate holdings in Regina. Clayton is also active in humanitarian support and most recently participated in a mission to Nepal.

Clayton brings with him not only a wealth of experience applicable to our industry, but also a curious mind, critical thought, and the ability to advocate  effectively for issues facing Western Canadian producers.

Clayton is organizing the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association’s 50th anniversary commemorative book.


Trade Agreements

Government Bureaucracy

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