Cherilyn Nagel

Cherilyn, along with her husband David and family, farm in Mossbank, Saskatchewan and grow durum wheat, chick peas, canola and lentils. They’re proud parents of two young farm girls.

Cherilyn is an energetic speaker and has stepped in front of hundreds of audiences both farming and non-agricultural. She enjoys speaking on agriculture related topics to a wide array of audiences and spends her winters on the speaking circuit. In 2020, Cherilyn was recognized as one of the Top 50 Most Influential People in Canadian Agriculture.

In 2020, in cooperation with the team at, Cherilyn launched an online training program titled “So… your client is a farmer?” with the goal to help people build better relationships for business with farmers and increase their overall level of knowledge about agriculture and food.

In 2004, Cherilyn was elected as President of the Wheat Growers and after a successful five-year term she remains a Director on the Board. She considers signing the first durum contract on the open market in December 2011 to be one of her career highlights as a farm policy advocate.

For nearly a decade, Cherilyn served on the Agriculture Development Fund through the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture. The ADF provides project funding of nearly $14 million per year to create future growth opportunities and to enhance the competitiveness of the provincial ag industry. From 2008 to 2017, Cherilyn was appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture as Chair of the Sask Agri Value Initiative (SAVI) which enables the development and expansion of small to medium sized enterprises or producer/processor organizations in their efforts to add value to Saskatchewan grown crops and products.

In 2011, Cherilyn was featured in SaskBusiness Magazine as one of Saskatchewan’s Most Influential Women. In 2012, Cherilyn was awarded the Agricultural IMPACT award at the Grow Canada Conference for her efforts and passion for making positive changes in the agriculture sector. In 2014, Cherilyn was awarded the Queen’s Bench Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Cherilyn holds her ICD.D designation through the Rotman School of Management and the Institute of Corporate Directors. Cherilyn was appointed to the Board of the Saskatchewan Bus Company (STC) a provincial Crown Corporation in 2016 and has served on the Board of SaskPower since 2017.

Cherilyn has gained experience in media relations and enjoys promoting positive stories of agricultural successes. Cherilyn was interviewed in the documentary License to Farm which is meant to encourage other farmers to share their own stories with the public. Cherilyn and her family have been featured with Canadian Chef Michael Smith in a video to promote Saskatchewan Lentils. She’s also been featured in an episode of Canadian Better Living on the topic of Pesticide use and promotion of Plant Biotechnology.

The Mattel Toy Company invited Cherilyn to participate in the Barbie: You Can Be Anything Mentorship program which became a highly successful campaign to encourage young girls to consider agriculture as a career choice.

Cherilyn has travelled extensively around the world and has had the opportunity to represent the Wheat Growers’ views on International Trade while participating in the World Trade Organizations Ministerial Meetings in Hong Kong. Travelling abroad has given her a unique perspective on the Western Canadian agricultural industry. Since 2017 Cherilyn has represented Canada as an International Director on the Board for the Global Farmer Network which seeks to amplify farmers voices on issues related to trade and access to technology.

Cherilyn also volunteers her time as the Secretary for the Mossbank & District Museum, as assistant coach for the Moose Jaw Biathlon club and on the Board of the Saskatchewan Cancer Society.

Her website is


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Trade Agreements

Consumer Confidence

Cherilyn in the Media

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