#5 Amber Durum

On September 16, 2021, your Western Canadian Wheat Growers sent the following letter to Grains Canada:

Dear Commissioners, 
We have had a number of our members asking for an explanation regarding in-season changes to #5 Amber Durum.
Could you please confirm and explain what changes to durum grading have happened and what were the reasons behind it.  Furthermore, why was this changed mid harvest?
It is difficult to understand how these changes mid-season are in keeping with the Canadian Gran Commission’s mandate “in the interests of the grain producer…”. 
Your urgent attention in this is requested in order to share with our members.
Yours truly,
Daryl Fransoo

On September 22, 2021, Grains Canada responded with:

Dear Daryl,
Thank you for your email regarding grading for No. 5 Canada Western Amber Durum (CWAD). There have been no mid-season changes to the grading of CWAD or any other wheat classes. Changes to grades and tolerances follow established procedures and are only made after careful consideration and engagement with Standards Committees. Changes are only implemented at the beginning of a crop year.
We are aware of questions that have been raised specific to the Wheats of Other Classes (WOOCs) grade determinant tolerance for No. 5 CWAD that is outlined in the Official Grain Grading Guide. As indicated, this tolerance has not changed.
The CGC publishes the service charges of licensed grain companies for transparency purposes and is also aware that one of the major grain companies reported a $500/tonne discount for WOOCs for No. 5 CWAD in the CGC’s September 4, 2021 Elevator Charge Summaries report. When this came to our attention, we contacted company representatives in order to understand why this was being included as a service charge. After further discussion, it was determined that this was an error, and it has now been removed from the report. 
Producers who require additional information on their contracts should contact their grain company directly.
Doug Chorney
Chief Commissioner
Canadian Grain Commission / Government of Canada
doug.chorney@grainscanada.gc.ca/ Tel: 204-983-2730 / TTY: 1-866-317-4289

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