Wheat Growers op-ed in the Winnipeg Sun

Manitoba should oppose Ottawa’s carbon tax

by Todd MacKay, Prairie director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, and Robin Speer, executive director of the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association

There’s a lack of logic in Manitoba’s carbon tax debate and it’s causing uncertainty for farmers.

In other western provinces, the debate is clear. Alberta Premier Rachel Notley sincerely believes her carbon tax will help the environment. Neighbouring Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall opposes the tax as economically harmful and environmentally ineffective.

But the message Manitoba farmers are hearing from their provincially-elected representatives goes something like this: “A carbon tax will hurt the economy more than help the environment, but if you don’t like it, this is a federal initiative.” It’s a bewildering provincial position that leaves farmers wondering where they stand.

In reality, carbon taxes don’t work. Canada is responsible for 1.6% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Manitoba is responsible for 2.9% of Canada’s emissions. Even if Manitoba eliminated all emissions, the impact on Canada’s emissions, let alone global emissions, would be negligible.

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